Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) is a broad based community organisation and the peak national body for prostate cancer in Australia. They are dedicated to reducing the impact of prostate cancer on Australian men, their partners and families, recognising the diversity of the Australian community.
PCFA receives Government funding for specific projects and relies on the generosity of individuals, the community and partnerships, such as those with the Movember Foundation and Commonwealth Bank, to carry out their essential work.​


PCFA recongnised there was a need to invest in their IT systems to meet the growing needs of the organisation to deliver its valuable services. Identified as being of top priority were;
  1. ensuring continuity of business
  2. providing a teleconferencing capability, and
  3. future proofing for IT upgrades
As a managed service customer of N-Able IT, we identified that Microsoft Office 365 would be an ideal solution.

“This wasn’t about ROI. This was about being smarter with existing expenditure. That made a lot of sense.”


PCFA compared the cloud market players including the newcomers but couldn’t ignore the fact that the strength of Microsoft was they are the defacto standard. It’s essential for PCFA to be able to easily communicate with the organisation’s wide range of community contributors and as such an enterprise class capability was important. Everything they need would be covered by Microsoft. On top of all this the Microsoft NFP program was very attractive. “Best of all, by working with N-Able we were able to come in Monday with everything working like it did on Friday.”​

What's Next?

After our successful transition to Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud platform we are continuing to leverage more cloud capabilities from Microsoft as well as other vendors. Our goal, with the help of N-Able IT, is to be 100% cloud operating by 2017.


PCFA realised that having a cloud based capability meant they leverage the strength and knowledge of the cloud partner. “Things like maintenance, patching vulnerabilities, anti-virus and spam are all taken care of for us. It’s about basic hygiene of our IT systems. This wasn’t about ROI. This was about being smarter with existing expenditure. That made a lot of sense.”

“Our staff can now work like they are in the office; from anywhere at any time and on any device.”